Tarot Series

The Tarot series is a meditation on the twenty-two Major Arcana cards of the Tarot. Imagined as photographs, drawings, paintings, and video art, the series reflects on the layered meanings and interpretations of the cards. For my process, I contemplate how the visuals of the "Triumph" or Major Arcana cards reveal the mystical anecdotes and universal rites of passages we collectively experience. Studying the images intensely for me has allowed an intuitive analysis of ego and what spiritual path one has or hasn't taken.

The Tarot has a mysterious origin of no certain consensus by historians or Tarot experts. I believe this to be à propos in terms of the Tarot mirroring reality- nothing is certain- we all have choices to work with.  Some people take a spiritual approach to life, an intuitive or rigid path, or leave it to chance, just to highlight what I’ve encountered so far. I resonate with Carl Jung's perspective on the Tarot as a mind opening guide where psychoanalysis and synchronicity intersect. I've discovered that the archetypes and limitless symbols of the Tarot offer a divine connection to the past, trigger one to examine one's place in the present, and the range of outcomes possible for the future.

This series was started with the generous support of friends and family from an Indiegogo campaign. Exhibitions will be announced in Fall 2017.

Jennifer Brandon Elliott JesWade Tarot